Our Mission

“To improve the lives of those we touch, by delivering exceptional client experience that contributes to their Freedom, Prosperity, and Long-Term Success”.

Our deliverables are Trust, Peace of Mind, and Expertise.

We believe that accounting is the intersection of Art and Witchcraft.

We help you beat the IRS, legally!

Our Core Values.

Work Hard, Play Hard
  • We are made of steel.
  • We hold ourselves to extraordinarily high professional standards and strive to exceed them.
  • We have a high performance and high rewards culture.
Belonging & Collaboration
  • We openly communicate our goals, needs, struggles, good news and opinions.
  • We work together towards a common goal. Everybody’s input matters to create a phenomenal client experience.
Care & Delight
  • We’re dedicated to the well-being of our families, team, clients and community.
  • We’re committed to being attentive, calculated & considerate in the way we speak, behave, and do our work.
  • The client is always right. Until he/she is fired.
Long Game
  • We make sacrifices now, to reap the benefits later.
  • We choose our habits, routines, principles, values, and actions accordingly.
  • We stay committed to our goals.
Continuous Improvement & Accountability
  • No one has all the answers.
  • A culture of humility, resourcefulness, and continuous improvement are bedrocks of our success.
  • We acknowledge and own up to our responsibilities, making it right when we make a mistake.
  • We see tasks and projects through until they’re done and done well.

Meet the Team.

Borbala Banto, CPA

Founder & CEO, Concierge CPAs

Favorite Thing About My Job: Listening to all the exciting stories of our clients.

Hobbies: Travel, Travel, Travel!

If I Won The Lottery: “I’d make plans to travel the world.”

Laszlo Szilagyi, CPA

Director, Concierge CPAs

Favorite Thing About My Job: “Helping clients grow their businesses”

Hobbies: Biking & Snowboarding

Best Piece of Advice: “Dreams remain dreams until you take action.”

Lora Lyden

Senior Staff Accountant,

Bookkeeping/Payroll Specialist

Favorite Thing About My Job: “Feeling that I’m making a positive impact in the daily lives of our clients”

If I Won The Lottery: “I’d travel the world with my family.”

Robert Nemes

Senior Tax Associate,

Small Business Specialist

Hobbies: “Playing or watching soccer & hanging with my dog.”

If I Had A Superpower, It Would Be: Invisibility

Ashley Barrett

Marketing Director

Office Manager

Favorite Thing About My Job: “The people I work with & the ability to be creative.”

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up? A Writer, a Mom, & a Jedi

Melinda Kurti

Personal Income Tax Specialist

Favorite Thing About My Job: “The process of solving a problem”

Hobbies: Photography & Floral Arrangement

If I Won The Lottery: “I’d invest and give to charity.”

Rahel Krasznai

Executive Office Assistant

Hobbies: Rock climbing, Horseback Riding & Reading

If I Had A Superpower, It Would Be: Flying

Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Henrietta Eszes

Staff Accountant

Favorite Thing About My Job: “I love seeing people calm & happy after solving a complicated tax issue.”

Favorite Book: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

If I Had A Superpower, It Would Be: Time Travel

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