Dear Applicant,

Thanks for your interest in our open position of Office Manager/Bookkeeper.

Before we consider you for a live interview, please complete the following steps VERY CAREFULLY:

  1. Send and email to with the subject line of “[Your Name] – Pre-Interview Questions”,
  2. The body of the email should consist of your full name and email address only,
  3. Attach a Word document to the email:
    • Name the Word doc the following way: Abatement_Letter.doc
    • The Word doc should contain a response letter on behalf of the client requesting abatement of penalties.
  4. Attach a PDF to the email:
    • Name the PDF the following way: [First Name]_[Last Name]_Answers.pdf
    • The PDF should contain the answers to the following two questions:

Question 1:

A small business owner has one business checking account and one business credit card.

At the end of this month you make a $5,000 credit card payment to pay off the balance.

When you record this transaction:

  • Which Income Statement account(s) increase(s)?
  • Which Income Statement account(s) decrease(s)?
  • Which Balance Sheet account(s) increase(s)?
  • Which Balance Sheet account(s) decrease(s)?

Question 2:

At the end of the year a small business owner comes to you with this self prepared income statement.

The goal is to “clean up” this report:

  • What items would you raise questions about?
  • Are there any potential bookkeeping errors?
  • Do you see any mistakes in the formatting of the report?